My New BFF with Codie Elaine Oliver

Michelle Hope is My New BFF

Episode Summary

This week Michelle Hope is Codie's new BFF and the two discuss everything from sexual health, to reproductive justice, to the weight and difficulties of navigating the pandemic world. cw: sexual trauma

Episode Notes

cw: sexual trauma

Today Codie's New BFF is an unapologetic sexologist, and organizer who is constantly exploring the intersectionality of sexuality and social justice: Michelle Hope! In this conversation Michelle gets real about growing up in the catholic church, the truth behind hyper sexualization, and how to talk sex with the people you love. Michelle gets honest about what led to her career as a stripper and how that informed some of her early decisions which would eventually lead her to her current career path. Plus, she drops some gems about how to explain sexuality to your kids in an age appropriate manner. 

Go show Michelle some love over @mhsexpert and go check out Community X the new social network for social good.

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