My New BFF with Codie Elaine Oliver

Introducing My New BFF with Codie Elaine Oliver

Episode Summary

Join Codie Elaine Oliver, co-creator and director of Black Love on the OWN network, as she interviews celebrities and influencers to get to the root of who they are beyond the public persona. These candid conversations will have everyone walking away with a New BFF.

Episode Notes

Welcome to My New BFF! Join Codie Elaine Oliver, wife, mama, and co-creator of Black Love on OWN, as she chats with people you know, people you should know and at the end of the conversation, people you will want to know. Every other week Codie will get beyond the public personas and have the real discussions that will leave you wanting you to be their new BFF too! 

Connect with Codie and let her know who you want to be her New BFF @codieco

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